Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Info

Just so ya know, I called the NCAA this weekend and they informed me that I could indeed play D-1AA football aka FCS aka schools like App St, Elon, Campbell, ODU, etc. S0, I called coaches at Elon and ODU and expressed interest. We will see if this develops into anything but I knew both of those coaches well so only time will tell.

4/26 Update

So, as you may know, I recently got back from my visit to North Greenville. They gave me an offer of $7,000 for the 09-10 school year. 36 credit hours are required to graduate and the cost of tuition is $265 per credit hour to total up to $9540. Overall, that is a pretty decent offer. We will definitely keep that one on the board but I was not that impressed with my visit. I don't know if this school can come close to providing the academic and social atmosphere that I am used to at Duke. The facilities were quite subpar compared to the d1 level, but are pretty close to what I expected. I have 10 days to accept or decline their offer. I expect to hear back from ECU's business school and if I get in, I will likely decline the offer from NGU. The coaches treated me well and took me out to dinner, but I question the social and academic nature of that campus. There is not a whole lot going on in Tigerville, SC which is on par with Como, NC. This visit has got me questioning the d2 thing in general if I can't find a place with a really good education. We will see how it unfolds. The coach from Tiffin just called and wants me to finish the application so they can give me a package. Lets git'r'dun.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4/21 Update

I talked to Fayetteville State today and had to turn them down. I got a call later in the day from Lincoln University in Mizzou. They wanna put me on and made an offer. Tuition is 7,000 there and room and board is 3,000 extra. They want to give me 7,000 which would make me the highest paid player on the team. They also want to create a graduate assistantship next year and I would be the guy for that job. They might even be able to get the academic people to go in for the other 3,000 because of my high GMAT and decent GPA. Hopefully more good offers are on the way too, things are starting to heat up. Discuss.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

4/20 Update

Hey so I know its been a while, but not too much has happened. Bad news, Valdosta is no longer in the picture because they need a tackle more than a guard. However, the coach from North Greenville called today and had good things to say. I am going to visit there on Saturday. This could provide me with a little more insight. West Virginia Wesleyan still wants to give me a full ride, but they have to wait until a couple guys fail out and free up schollys. I should be getting an official offer from them after the end of their semester.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

4/16 Update

Ok, so far today I have talked to the coach from Mars Hill and he asked me to talk to an academic guy, who was a Duke alum. After talking to him, I decided to decline Mars Hill since they did not have a graduate program or a way for me to obtain a second degree quickly.

I also talked to the coach from Pace University and he basically gave me my first monetary offer. Tuition, etc. to the school runs around 29,500 and he would be able to get me 21,000. So, this would put me at an $8500 first year of school. However, I'd have pay the remaining 29,500 for the second year. Therefore, the cost would run me around $38,000. There is also limited possibility of coaching the second year. We will have to check on ways to finance the second year.

Third, I talked to the coach from Harding University and found a bit of a gem. Although they are located in Searcy, Arkansas, I like the way they do business. It is a Christian school and the football team reflects those same values, something I could definitely get along with. He is big on the idea of looking me in the eye and possibly working me out before he makes an offer, so we will see how that goes. This will probably only happen if I make a visit to the middle of the country to visit several schools. I would assume no potential for a full scholarship. I like the integrity of the program though.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4/15 Update

Today, the only person I heard from was Chowan and I went on to tell them that I would not be attending. I am looking for a school with a graduate program. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a big day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4/14/ Update

Talked to Lincoln University and North Greenville University today. Lincoln might be able to come very close to a full ride and NGU wants to set up a visit. I am thinking of going to see them on my trip to Valdosta. NGU Spring game is next Saturday so I am thinking I will see Valdosta Friday and then NGU on Saturday. Both move up a lil bit on the list.


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My name is Justin Freeman and I played football at Hertford County High School until 2004 and graduated in 2005. I then walked on and played at Duke University and played 2005-2008 and graduated May 2009. I played under Ted Roof (3 years) and David Cutcliffe (1 year). I coached at Duke for a semester until I graduated. After that, I enrolled in the MBA program at ECU and coached the offensive line as a student assistant under Coach Holtz' staff. I spent a few months with Coach McNeill's staff before deciding to pursue other options. I am very familiar with the various D-1 football programs in NC as a player and as a coach and felt the need to start this site to give a little insight.